The studio of Joyce Bezusko is found on the shores of Vancouver Island, B.C. where her passion is fuelled by the ever-changing ocean, calming breezes, majestic mountains and lush greenery. It is there she creates her one-of-a-kind cuff bracelets, pendants, belt buckles, necklaces, statement earrings and wall pieces. Each piece is designed with that special individual in mind. Edgy, elegant, whimsical and over the top are specialties of Joyce’s art form while enjoying the challenge of originality and custom creations in which she has been involved in the most interesting commission works. With a deep appreciation for retro and love affair with the “Old Hollywood” romance of vintage style & design, she is able to craft a unique and captivating blend of modern nostalgia.

Her work begins with collections of primary existing materials, from metals & chains to vintage & retro jewellery, even leather, searching the globe for objects with a certain flare, texture and flow.

Joyce Bezusko
Diva Deserves

Joyce in workshop.

She creates a vision which highlights and enhances the focal point. Line form and balance become the direction of her work, all the while creating a new life for these “past treasures.” Once her composition has been slowly and methodically assembled, the process begins, involving drilling, grinding, resurfacing & wiring depending on the result she wishes to achieve.

Remembering that Joyce is an asymmetrical artist, she never really strives for an exact representation, but rather allows the viewer to fill in the blanks. By utilizing these former materials, she maintains her respect for lowering her carbon footprint, proving beautiful works of art and nature can co-exist.

Her works have adorned entertainers, brides and anyone who likes minimalistic, straight on up to the extraordinary and outrageous. Her pieces can be found in the Maui Hands Gallery, Hyatt Regency, Ka’anapali, Maui, Hi, Jere’s Fine Jewelry, Wailea, Hi, the Atrium, (just outside of Bev Gannon’s Restaurant) Wailea Golf Course, Wailea, Hi. Also at various Art shows throughout the Island and at Art Market 2015, Calgary, Alberta or personal contact through this website. 25% of her Gallery sales are donated to Children’s Charities. She conveys her gratitude to her clients for helping her help others. Remember: “Keep your dreams high and your spirit higher” and may we all go beyond our inner “Diva”